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It’s Pride season! 


From June to September around the world, people come together in celebration and support of the LGBTQ+ community. What started as people taking a stand for their right to self-expression, Pride has become a promotion of love and acceptance. In the past twenty years, we’ve come leaps and bounds, with more and more big companies such as Adidas and Coca-Cola showing the importance of inclusivity both in marketing and behind the scenes. Donning a rainbow flag is a great first step of support, but there’s more we can do to show our allyship that isn’t limited to pride month. So, what can we be doing to be supporting Pride as a business?


Be inclusive 

Making sure your business hires from diverse backgrounds is a really important way we can remain open and supportive of  LGBTQ+ people. As a business, look at your hiring process – does it promote a safe welcoming environment for everyone? Are there unnecessarily gendered roles? Look at areas that need changing, and do the work to change it.


Take a stand 

So many businesses cultivate an ugly culture where casual misogyny and homophobia fly under the radar under the guise of ‘just a joke’.  If this is a day-to-day occurrence, it’s time you look at whether this is how you want your company to be represented. Call it out! Call out the casual comments, challenge preconceptions and stereotypes, and make a space where everyone is not only welcomed, but championed.


Get involved with events 

Beyond diversity and inclusivity training, year round there are events and seminars available to businesses to train and keep the team up to date in a work environment. Can’t find an event near you? Set one up! support local LGBTQ+ run businesses and run events for LGBTQ+ charities, this is a great way to encourage others to be supporting Pride as a business.


Be part of the conversation 

It’s so important to stay informed. Language and society is ever-evolving, and listening to the community is the best way to keep up to date with terminology and current issues faced by LGBTQ+ members. And if you don’t know? Ask! It’s ok to admit to not knowing something if you’re showing you’re wanting to learn. But be mindful of what’s appropriate in the workplace!


Small things add up 

The smallest changes can make the biggest difference. Adding pronouns to email signatures, using gender-neutral terms – they’re an easy way to add inclusivity to the foundations of your company.


Be the change 

As small and growing businesses, we have the power to be part of the change and influence our industries. As we grow, so does a culture of inclusivity.


Don’t stop 

This isn’t a one-time deal. Our acceptance and openness to learn and adapt is a continuous progression, not only for your company but for a better more inclusive future.

Remember, whatever you choose to do, it’s not about ticking boxes – it’s a commitment to inclusivity, breaking down barriers, and supporting the LGBTQ+ community.


Happy Pride!