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Wednesday 3 March 12:30 – 13:15

It’s very easy to just see the numbers in your business as a result. It’s what happened last month or last year.

A score if you like of how well you did. But there is much more to be gained from data which can be used to inform your business strategy of the future……… find out more watch this webinar RECORDING.

In this 45 minute recording of our conversation, Simon Brand, owner of Enhancico Limited talks about the huge value numbers can add to your business and how they’re actually a dynamic dashboard telling you what you can do to improve. Using practical examples of two businesses he has worked with, a florist who wanted to project her future sales and whether she could afford a full-time commitment to her business and another that was still struggling to make a profit after several years of hard work by its owners, Simon illustrates how a simple technique of business modelling can help you feel more confident, have greater control over your future and reduce stress.

Whether your objective is more profit, greater productivity, lower prices, or just less stress, numbers can give you valuable pointers on how to improve.

To find out more, read Simon’s blog – LINK

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