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Creative Ways To Promote Your CV

Your CV is one of the most important documents in your life. It’s an opportunity for you to convince employers and recruiters that you’re worth taking on, so it needs to be the best of its kind – but how do you make it stand out from all the other CVs out there?

I’m sure that you have heard those long and boring stories of people who have been successful in the job market. It all started with them sending resumes to hundreds of companies, and getting rejected time and time again until they found their dream job.

We think that this approach is really outdated, so we came up with a few creative ways for you to promote your CV without much hassle:

– Blogging about your work experience or about your achievements

– Create a campaign for yourself on social media and explain what are your job skills

– Hosting a meetup and give an introduction about yourself

– Watching popular TED talks or giving a talk yourself 

– Be creative in person! Stand at the entrance of your favorite cafe with a sign “Hi! My name is – and I’m looking for a job in -“

– Invest in a professional-looking resume template.

– Add links to your social media pages on your resume.

– Use a photo or video of yourself as a header photo on LinkedIn.

– Get creative with your resume email address – use “Hello@” instead of “Dear Sir or Madam.”

None of these can harm your job search, at the very least you’ll make some meaningful connections…

This article highlights the importance of being honest and professional when marketing your CV. It emphasizes the need to be truthful about your skills and experience, but at the same time not over-selling yourself because that can create some unrealistic expectations from the employer or company. It also stresses how important it is for us to stay updated about new trends by subscribing to blogs, newsletters, and websites and following people on social media like LinkedIn.

Great examples of this are on our Freedom Works Community message boards, so you can always sign up HERE and take a look…

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