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Here at Freedom Works we encourage bringing your dog to work with you, in fact we love dogs!

Our canine companions are known to be man’s best friend….. and unsurprisingly they are also known to be a great stress reliever and a perfect companion for those who work at home. But what about those who work in an office?

With an estimated 3 million households buying a pet during the Pandemic, it is no wonder having the option to being our 4 legged friends to work with us is becoming a more popular option now things have mostly gone back to ‘normal’.

Dogs have lots of fantastic benefits of becoming part of the office environment.

They can:

Increase happiness levels in the office by 30%

Oxytocin is released in our brain, causing us to experience happiness when we stroke dogs. Is it even possible to not be happy when you hear the pitter patter of their little paws across the floor? A study conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) found employees who brought their dogs to work experienced lower stress levels and reported higher levels of job satisfaction.

Reduce stress and improve creativity!

Having a positive distraction, literally at our fingertips, is fantastic for that short moment of relief from the stresses we can face at work and inspire us to be more creative. A calm mind is a productive mind! Also, how can your mood not be instantly lifted by looking into the optimistic eyes of a dog?

Increase team bonding

Who doesn’t like to come together and speak to a dog in at least 5 pitches higher than we normally would? Dogs can be the catalyst in getting us talking to each other and creating bonds with each other. Dogs themselves can become very much a part of the team, just watch out they don’t rival you for that paw-motion.


So next time you see a dog in your office, you might want to consider giving them a stroke !


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