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Whilst many of us associate office parties with awkward chitchat lingering by the door, there are ways to enjoy yourself without getting too tipsy and telling Susan what you REALLY think of her sponge cake… we’ve all got those stories!

When you are going to an office party, it can become stressful. There are so many rules and “what not to do”s. What every newbie needs to know is that the key is not having a good time-it’s making sure that everyone else has a good time around him or her. This is possible because of one simple rule: Be nice and treat others the way you want them to treat you. But it’s not all bad news! Office parties are great team-building activities. They can help co-workers bond and have fun together without the office setting. It’s also a chance for each person to show off their personality in a relaxed environment.

So for all the office newbies, gen-z, and everyone in between, if you’re attending an office party and not sure what you should do, here’s some advice for beginners:

1. Alcohol

If your employer is serving alcohol at an event, should you partake? If you want to! but limit your intake. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions and alters your judgment. The last place you want to be while uninhibited and lacking good judgment is an event hosted by your boss and attended by him or her, and your colleagues. Your actions under those conditions could cause you to become the scandal of the quarter! Whilst it may make a funny story 10 years down the line, I’m sure we’d all like to avoid any embarrassment in the near future… Know your limits and don’t go beyond them. Unless you’re offered tequila.

2. Food

Food is always a great way to bond with people, it’s a must at an office party to soak up all the alcohol… That being said, there are definitely a few faux pas people have made over the years but the biggest is DONT BRING FOODS THAT SMELL! Cheese and wine may sound like a great idea, you might want to avoid stinky cheese whilst mingling.

3. Dress Code 

Typically there will be a dress code based on the company culture, but overall, wear what makes you feel comfortable! Within reason, of course, Birthday parties are not a calling for birthday suits…

4. Don’t Express Your Feelings If You Wouldn’t Sober 

This is the first and foremost thing that you should never try to do at an office party. You have all rights to express your views but this doesn’t mean that you should use the office party as your communication medium. If you happen to express your thoughts or views in public without thinking you will simply disappoint others and also come into the limelight on the negative side. In office parties, you should never ever speak about politics, religion, or use the occasion to air your dirty laundry as these issues will surely land your career in great trouble.

5. Don’t talk shop!

The common mistake that any employee or staff does at the office party is to use this place as a hub and discuss office topics or workloads.  It is always better to avoid talking about your work-related things like work pressure, salary, leaves, and so on at the office party. After all, you are there to have fun!

Partys are a great opportunity to get to know the people you work so closely with on a day-to-day basis, take the opportunity to have a laugh, let your hair down, and have fun.



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